Jim Hurdle – Curators of Hip Hop Feature


Born in Hawaii and raised in El Paso, TX, Jim Hurdle has a unique fusion of influences from east coast to southern hip hop styles. Not only is he a rapper but he’s a producer that creates the majority of his own music. His latest and first album “Something’s Gotta Give” serves as his intro into what he strives to be a long career.  

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Logic gives COHH Shout Out on “Sway in the Morning”

Out promoting his iTunes chart topping album “Under Pressure.” Logic joins Heather B and the Sway In The Morning crew to discuss his hectic week, his relationship with Dee-1 and the new definition of success.

We at COHH are proud of Logic’s success but also happy that he also took time to recognize our efforts to tell his story in our film.

Here is a link to the interview with Heather B on Sway Universe.