Jermaine Fletcher

As an artist, my background started with music.  I was first a musician and played the drums throughout my youth and in school.  In my teenage years I transitioned from live instrumentation to digital and software-based music production.  In college I studied Broadcast Journalism.  Through school and numerous internships I learned about all forms of broadcasting and gained certification in areas of film, cinematography, marketing and events.

Personally, I come from a family of musicians and artist.  Both of my parents were heavy “curators” of music and my father was a jazz percussionist and drummer.  In addition, all my brothers, uncles and even cousins all have chosen a path of art that compliments one another.

For now, it’s safe to call it “genetic.“

In summary, I was born in an environment of many art forms and that as a whole influences my overall character and personality.

“Hip Hop for me is something that has shaped my character.  It’s the only form of music I get extremely excited to be involved with on so many levels.  Out of a concern to preserve what the culture means to me and many other fans out there, I started this entity in 2009 when moving to Hawaii. (A place with a rich Hip Hop scene that I never imagined)

Since then the team has grown and we are all striving for something great.”

Jimmie Thomas

Jimmie Thomas

I‘m a dedicated journalist, film maker and entrepreneur from Tallahassee, FL.  While attending Florida A&M University I produced sporting events and two television shows for FAMCAST, which is a university broadcast network that streamed live to the web.  Also worked  at FAMU TV20  with Jermaine.

Upon graduation I attended a media sales institute which granted me the opportunity to learn the business side of my craft and I was awarded a job as an Account Executive with Morris Communications (Where Magazine) in Baltimore, MD.  Working in sales was a great opportunity for me because I gained a lot of knowledge and connections in the business of media. After 18 months of sales I found myself back in the field as a freelance journalist. I interned on the Donny Glover radio talk show that covers politics and other concerns dealing with the DMV. I worked as writer for What Weekly.  I also produced, edited, direct and shot footage for The Talk Lounge and Indie TV Live here in Baltimore. I work with We 2 Smart Productions bidding on local, state and federal government video production jobs. I teach kids how to make documentaries at a summer program at Fulling the Promise, a non-profit organization. I also worked as a cinematographer for a feature film called Raising Wolves.


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