From Malcolm to Hip Hop


“From Malcolm to Hip Hop” is a talk series that first take place in Taipei, Taiwan with our global partners at the lifestyle brand known as Dssent. 

The inspiration for the event comes after Dssent and Curators of Hip Hop discussed wanting to collaborate on a project that focused on the theme of “Legacy”.  

Along with the talk, Dssent and COHH will release a line of clothing starting off with a T-Shirt dedicated to Malcolm.  

Curators Co-Founder, Jermaine Fletcher will lead the discussion by breaking down for the Taiwan audience the importance and relevance of Malcolm to Hip Hop culture.  For many in Taiwan, this is their first exposure to Malcolm X and various layers of the civil rights movement of the 1950s-1960s. 

 (In particular, the focus is on the elements of the emcee and knowledge were key talking points.   

Stay tuned for continued segments and workshops from this ongoing conversation.