(Written by Co-Founder: Jermaine Fletcher)


Formally known as BBoy in Shanghai, Battle In Shanghai has now wrapped up it’s 9th consecutive year of festivities.

This year featured dancers, judges and various artists from Brazil, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Holland, U.S and more.

More than just a focus on dance, B.I.S has successfully accomplished the spreading of knowledge and hip hop history.  It provides exposure for dancers and a platform for many creative artists and media to build their network.

IMG_6063This year’s keynote pioneers featured Poppin Pete, Willie “Marine Boy”, King Uprock, Alien Ness and a long list of others.

We personally made new connections that will most likely spread our reach from France to Brazil over the next year.

After speaking with dancers, DJs, photographers and crews, I’ve learned that so many communities are going through the same things that many communities back in the U.S are also going through.

For example, I had a long and powerful conversation with a Brazil crew about austerity, race, Baltimore & Ferguson and how ‘most’ Brazillians feel about the 2016 Olympics.  Learning how they felt really illustrated just how similar we all are despite our distance.

In a nutshell , B.I.S is already becoming so much more than a battle and it’s potential to grow into something larger on a  social or even world political scale through the lens, voice and movement of hip hop culture is a sharp reality.