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You can call it the TED Talks of Hip Hop!
Freedom Codes is a new platform Curators is launching along with Changa Music Productions that takes place in the form of multimedia presentations and live performances.

The presentations and performances are designed as a way of expressing new solutions and strategies to existing problems from a Hip Hop Cultural perspective.

This event series will be built on the collaboration efforts made on a  local, state and regional level .  Solution Seekers will be sought out in multiple cities to participate and help offer the greatest value to our event series and their prospective communities.

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The Legacy Tour 2016


Tour Dates_COHH_2016

The Legacy Tour of 2016 was a major success.
Here are some of the cities visited during the multi city collaboration with colleges, libraries and brands.

Duquesne University
February 8th 5-7pm in the Africa Room of the Student Union 1000 Locust St. Pittsburgh, PA  15219.


Morehouse College
February 11, 2016 – Sale Hall:  7:30pm Film Screening & Panel

February 12, 2016:  Apache Cafe
For tickets to see Carolyn Malachi & Dee-1 live visit here.


Florida State University
February 19, 2016:
Student Life Cinema:  Film Screening 7:00pm
The Curators Volume 1 – A Story of Independence

Club Down Under
February 20, 2016

Headlining this show will be Dynasty and Carolyn Malachi.
To learn more and mark the calendar for this event check the official Facebook Event page hosted by Club Down Under.

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Tour Overview:
The 2016 “My Legacy” Tour is a collaborative effort that features emerging and up-and-coming musicians, tech specialist and filmmakers of today, in an effort to inspire young people by showing them examples of diverse African Americans who are successful in the creation of positive and uncompromising art.

This year, we aim to specifically educate, build and create new collaborative strategies around preserving hip hop culture, building institutions through advocating for in increase in independence and entrepreneurship within urban culture.

Why Legacy?
At Curators of Hip Hop, we feel it is extremely important to plan and build strong foundations for Hip Hop culture that can stand for generations.   By constantly learning and innovating, we as a collective, there are unmet opportunities to be gained by the strategic leadership and collaboration.

We understand that ‘Legacy’ is something far larger than Hip Hop but also comprehend that Hip Hop culture has the potential  to connect to the youth who will ultimately lead the future in some way, shape or form.

Stay up to date on our social media @thecohh (Twitter/IG) for campaign competition and tour updates under the hashtag

#MyLegacy #MyLegacyTour

Boom Bap Paradise

Curators of Hip Hop along with some of our ambassadors will be bringing the public a new series dedicated to the boom bap sounds and movement of Hip Hop.  At first, BBP was planned to be the title of a mixtape series.  After a few meetings, we’ve decided to turn Boom Bap Paradise into a sub-channel within Curators of Hip Hop.

Sample Tracks from the Compilation



-Exclusive Curated Single Releases
-Mixtapes, EPs and LP projects
-Short Behind The Scenes Videos from around the globe
(Taiwan, Hawaii, Africa, U.K & Coast to Coast in U.S)
-Weekly and Monthly Events in various cities
-SoundCloud and MixCloud Mixes

Stay tuned in for more!

King’s knowledge on Copyrights: Freedom with a Price


The “I Have a Dream” speech is one of the most popular speeches known in the U.S and across the world.  The words “Let freedom ring” is repeated 10 times. With a business mind, MLK copyrighted the speech one month after he delivered it.  In order to properly and professionally use it, you must pay $10 to his estate.

Let this be a lesson to all of you out there.  Know your business and understand your value.


Submitted by Jermaine Fletcher

An Open Call for Solutions – Calling All Community Leaders

the bloom AND DOFF presents

Let’s keep this short and simple. Violence in our cities is reaching a point where we all and I mean ALL have to start doing everything we can do reduce it. This CALL is about solutions that are working in your community.

Who out there is actively working on a program that’s showing some light? Is there anyone that was or still is fighting against the forces of drugs, poverty and violence in their community but came across methods that actually worked to reduce the ongoing crisis?

If so, we want to hear your story. We want to hear your methods and we want to share your solutions and strategies with other leaders so that we can build a network based on applied working strategies.

If you’re still not sure exactly what we are looking for here are some examples of different success stories from the U.S and abroad.

How to revive a neighborhood: with imagination, beauty and art
Theaster Gates (Courtesy of

Fight Hate with Love (Courtesy of
Andrew Michael Ellis

The Link between Unemployment and Terrorism:
Mohamed Ali (Courtesy of

To collaborate and share your story email us at


Written by Jermaine Fletcher

AKAI and the Beat Machine that influenced Hip Hop


Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1929, AKAI is the brand responsible for the creation of the MPC (Originally Midi but now known as the Music Production Controller) designed by Roger Linn. In 1988, the machine hit the market creating a new force of power for producers throughout the world. HIP HOP producers like Pete Rock, J Dilla, DJ Premier, Large Professor and Dr. Dre make up just a few of the names that used the controller.  The feature producers loved so much was the combining of a powerful MIDI sequencer with the ability to sample one’s own sounds.  Many of the songs composed on the MPC would now be considered classics.

The MPC has been recreated in many forms today by other brands. Many of them are strictly MIDI devices but they have grown in popularity because of the much lower cost.

This machine created an entire workflow that majorly contributed to what HIP HOP heads call  that”Boom Bap” sound.

dj premier studio

Photo:  DJ Premier’s Studio at D&D in 2000

Editorial by Jermaine Fletcher

“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable” – Renaissance Tour Recap



“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” This Kenyan proverb embraces the value of collective strength within unity.  This saying is something that really explains our newest efforts in the DMV region.   We recently conducted the “Renaissance Tour” which is a continuation of the “Urban Renaissance” events we started producing a few years ago. This tour covered the cities of Baltimore, Washington, D.C ,Richmond, VA and Charlotte, NC.


Although the DMV artists reside so close to one another, it’s very rare for them to collaborate and tour together on a consistent basis. By joining forces with local ambassadors in each city, we plan to make this a very regular habit.

When we started the tour in Baltimore, the city was also in the national headlines for very negative reasons.  On the very same day as our event, the public was told that Federal agents were being sent to the city to join with local homicide police and “quell the unprecedented violence.”

While this was being presented to the public, we had a very different type of vibe at a venue called Metro Gallery.  There we had RaTheMC (DC), Joey Gallo (Richmond) and Baltimore’s own ELLIS perform along with local dance family – BMORETHANDANCE.


With the help of our ambassadors in every city, each event was soulful, peaceful and inspiring for the Hip Hop community.  Over time, this ‘mobile renaissance”  will become more newsworthy in the headlines and by building bridges we will one day create more positive changes in the cities we visit to reverse, minimize or even help end some of the adverse circumstances we now know of.
This is MOVEMENT and will require many people to create more momentum.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming tours! If you’re interested in helping us bring a showcase to your city, please email us at

Written by Co-Founder:  Jermaine Fletcher


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